Exposing the code

The problem

Many times we’ve heard from our clients the same old story about this typical situation: after you’ve got some coding services and you see that your web site doesn’t work appropriate, you appeal to your coding partner and try to get some information about the problems that seemed to have some connection to not very good code, but your coding partner says, that the problems are impossible to solve and his code is GOOD, that the problems are in your machine or OS or browser etc.

So, considering the above, the fact, that you can’t check if the code was really good or bad, gives you no choice but give up or try some other coding partner.

You can easily check everything


Did you know that there is a coding standard named W3C according to what you can check the quality of your code?

Yes, you’ve got me right!

Y-O-U C-A-N C-H-E-C-K whether your code good or bad. This process has the name - validation. If the code is good it is valid, if the code is bad – it is not valid. That’s it. Nice & easy.

HTML coding services

The problem is that there are too many coding services, but just a few, who really cares about the quality of the code.

BARABOLA makes ONLY nice valid code. You can always check ours and others code as well on W3C Validator tool. It is absolutely free of charge. Here is the link for you https://validator.w3.org.

Therefore, if you are looking for some quality coding services in PSD TO HTML, HTML TO RESPONSIVE or PSD / HTML TO AMP - BARABOLA is your best choice.